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+200K views on Youtube

Frederic Turyan's cover of Kansas' "Dust In The Wind" reaches new heights.

There are some incredible stories and the story behind that video is pretty unbelievable.

It's not a secret anymore that Fred grew up listening to the 60s and 70s bands, among which Kansas. So naturally, Dust In The Wind was in the setlist of one of his early bands. Back then, the band didn't have any strings in the line-up, so Fred would play the song, but always being frustrated, missing that most iconic part.
Years later, when a friend asked him to make a cover of that song and put it on Youtube, Fred said ok but he wanted to make the best possible rendition. So for 2 years, he auditioned musicians and searched the best ones to play with him. He knew he wanted a cello and a violin, instead of the two violins in the original version.
The first musician to join him was cello player, Benjamin Villette. Benjamin was one of Fred's students when he was an english language trainer at the EFA, an audio engineering school, in Paris, France. Benjamin was a superb composer, arranger and a beautiful soul to hang out with. Benjamin immediately agreed when Fred asked him.
The second was violonist, Thibaut Pesnel. Thibaut was a trained violonist at the Conservatoire of Saint-Maur, near Paris, France. His name was suggested to Fred by an old time friend, flutist Juliette Renard, he'd played with in a band for almost a decade. She knew they'd get along well and Thibaut was really interested in playing with other musicians and wanted to get off the beaten tracks.

The first time they ever played all three together was on the day the video was shot. Fred has always tried to keep some freshness when it comes to performing. That afternoon, some obstacles could have prevent the guys from ever shooting the video. The whole crew was ready to capture the live performance, as usual, cameras were ready, microphones placed and ready to record in our studio.
First rehearsal to make sure everyone knew the different parts and suddenly ... a string on the cello breaks. Benjamin had never broken a string before ! Was it a sign ? Anyway, Pierre, the videographer took Benjamin with him and drove him to a music shop nearby. They came back with a new string about 45 minutes later. The problem was that, not only had they lost almost an hour, the light outside the studio had changed so it was not as good as expected. Everybody was a little disappointed but they decided to keep going.

It's when you don't give up that an invisible force comes to help. That's exactly what happened. A strong light appeared through the small window of the studio and reflected on Benjamin's head, on the instruments and on everybody else in the studio. On the 4th take, the magic happened, they played perfectly, Pierre and Aurelia behind the cameras couldn't believe their own eyes, there were even particules of dust floating that made it even more magical ! Benjamin, Thibaut and Fred only saw it when they took a look at the clips they had just shot. That was it !
Of course, they were very happy but nobody was expecting that, within a few weeks after it was published, the video would be on the first page when searching for a cover of Dust In The Wind on Youtube. It ranked #1 about a few months later, and to this date is still ranked #1, so about 3 years and a half later, viewed in more than 170 countries around the world !

Even though a lot of people mostly wrote comments congratulating Fred for the video and his singing, he has always known that this happened thanks to the energy everyone put in the making of this video and nothing would have happened if only one piece of the puzzle was different. Hence the description below the video that was saying :

"Special thanks to the musicians and the crew, nothing would have been possible without them !"

Frederic Turyan

Benjamin Villette has since been composing music for short films, and is sometimes working on new tunes with Fred. Some of them will be released soon.
Thibaut has since moved to London, where he's studying at the Royal College Of Music. Thibaut and Fred are still in touch and are planning to work together again as soon as possible.